I am an ordained priest in the Church of Norway, part of what we might call that Church’s ‘Catholic wing’ (much like the Anglo-Catholics in the UK). I am not Catholicus Anglicus, but Catholicus Norvegicus.

From 2018-2021, I was a PhD student at Durham University, working on a thesis on the metaphysics of liturgical participation. A presentation of the thesis, with links, can be found here.

Before going to Durham, I was more of a Aristotelian Thomist Lutheran. Now, still a Thomist Lutheran, I am a devoted Christian Platonist, though in the large tradition. A central point, that I will visit again and again, is how this comes to expression for us, in this life, must fully in the Eucharistic celebration. There, Christ is made manifest for us, and there we are made partakers of the divine truth that sets us free.


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On Christian theology and Neoplatonic metaphysics


Basically Anglo-Catholic priest in the Church of Norway. Former PhD student at Durham University, working on liturgical theology and Neoplatonic metaphysics.